All our love affair with the car probably started when the first model rolled off Henry Fords production lines before the First World War but it was not until the 1970s when the first motorways were under construction and the car became really popular with people whose incomes made in doubt that they would ever be able to afford one. Within 10 years the country had what could truthfully be called a pretty good motorway system, and it wasn't long until the numbers of the cars on the road began to increase to fill the available road space! Prior to 1970 buying a vehicle was something that people saved up for the many years to do, but with the fresh demand prices started to become more and more reasonable, and they are now more affordable than they have ever been, and far from being the preserve of the wealthy, they are now so well within the average budget that many families have two, three or even more cars parked on their drives.

What a shame car insurance didn't keep up with this. Insurance companies were handed the dream of every industry; motorists simply didn't have any choice but to buy insurance, it was, and still is, compulsory. To buy insurance it was necessary to trot down to the local insurance broker who would, we hoped, pick out the insurance policy from a huge choice which was the very best one for our purposes, and at the very lowest price. A cynic may think that although some of them may have done this a lot of them selected the policy which would make them the most profit.

Just as the motorway building campaign in the 70s was the spur to the public to start buying cars, the advent of the Internet was a spur to the insurance companies to start improving their products because people were given the opportunity to not only compare many different policies online but also to communicate with other insurance buyers to find out if there were better options available, and to put pressure on insurance companies to bring out better products. One result of this has been temporary car insurance, of which more details can be found at this site.

Temporary car insurance fills the need of people who want to drive a vehicle, whether it is their own or someone else's, for a relatively short time, usually either a few days or a few months at a time. Thanks to online ordering it is possible to buy cover at any time of day or night 365 days a year, and the cost of it is very reasonable; back in the dark old days of the local insurance broker someone would have to do spend a fair bit of time getting quotes for a policy which the insurance companies were reluctant to offer and which were probably going to be only on economical anyway once the brokers fees have been added, but now the whole process of quoting, ordering and issuing of the policy can be automated to the extent that it now takes only a matter of a few minutes between logging on to a temporary car insurance website, and downloading a certificate of insurance with cover starting immediately! At long last, the insurance industry as entered the 21st century.